SolStar One-Pager

SolStar One-Pager

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  • We're building a Social Community Platform on Solana.
  • Starting with our Discord bot, we're enabling payments for all of Discord's 140 million active monthly users and 6.7 million unique servers via $USDC and other SPL tokens on Solana.
  • Long term, we are building an ecosystem for communities, owned by communities, powered by the $STAR protocol.


Phase 1 (June) - SolStar Discord Bot

  • May / Early June - SolStar Discord Tip Bot released.
    • Transact $SOL, $USDC and all SPL tokens easily with our Discord bot.
    • Venmo, for Discord. Adding commerce ability to all of Discord's 140 million active monthly users and 6.7 million unique servers via $USDC on Solana.
  • June - Launch the $STAR token. Airdrops to early supporters.

Phase 2 (June/July) - SolStar Community Platform

  • Tokens for Communities - Free Tokens and Star Tokens
  • Free Tokens - Free to mint and play around with, gets people into the ecosystem having fun.
    • Already seen great engagement on Discord.
  • Star Tokens - Grow in value with the ecosystem, gain rewards, have extra perks.

Phase 3 - SolStar Community Unleashed

  • Fully engage your community with exclusive channel access, perks for top fans, and more.
  • Reward top contributors with your own community token and build the community you want to exist.
  • Expansion to other platforms -, Twitter, Twitch, YouTube integrations.
  • Later this Solana summer!!


Edit 6/30/21
Tokenomics has been moved to the white paper here:

Founders Background

Ryan Endacott / 🌞 @RyanEndacott

  • Senior Software Engineer - Loon Mission Control (Google X)
  • Full Stack Software Engineer with focus on user experience, distributed systems, and team management. Previously worked at Google, Facebook, and Clever

Drew Wetherington / 🧙‍♂️ @DrewWeth

  • Senior Full Stack Software Engineer - Well Principled - YC Startup that builds AI Software for marketing and supply chain optimization
  • Previously Senior Engineer at Cibo Technologies, building agricultural data science and mapping tools.
  • Cat-lover and React Frontend Wizard

Daniel Holmgren / 🕺

  • Fullstack/P2P/Cryptography Engineer at Fission (, building a framework for end-to-end encrypted, distributed, user-controlled filesystems
  • Previously, co-founded Axon (, building a p2p collaboration protocol for scientific data
  • Ex-ConsenSys Engineer & Inaugural ConsenSys Academy grad